We’ve just launched a redesign of the highly popular “Alice and Lois” blog at www.aliceandlois.com

To celebrate the launch of this new project, which was two months in the making, we’ve prepared some before and after screenshots to showcase the level of work that we’ve put into this project.

Lets start out with the homepage:

Alice & Lois Homepage - Before

This is how the homepage appeared before our re-design.


Alice & Lois Homepage - After

This is how the homepage appeared AFTER our re-design.


As you can see, the overall site has been completely revamped, giving the homepage a very visual, very modern, very clean and appealing look.  The new design has been met with positive reviews from visitors to the site, here are examples of some of the comments that have been left:

Discovered the blog not long ago, but i love it and this new look is great!!

The new website is stunning!!! Thank you for Sharing it with all of us!!!

Ladies, the new site looks incredible! Congrats on everything!

Now, lets take a look at the category pages, both before and after once again:

Alice & Lois Category Page - Before

The old category pages…..


Alice & Lois Category Page - After

…..and then after we re-designed it with an awesome visual grid layout.


Here is an example of the new comments sections that appear on the individual post pages:

Alice & Lois Comments - Before

The old comments layout. Not very nice to be honest….


Alice & Lois Comments - After

And then after we re-designed it


And here is an example of how recipes now appear on individual recipe pages:

Alice & Lois Recipes....

Recipes before we re-designed them


Alice & Lois Recipes - After!

Looking a bit more like an actual recipe print out after we applied new design to it!


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, while their existing theme offered only a basic, unoptimized experience for mobile and tablet users, the new theme is fully responsive and fully optimized for all devices whether it be a cell phone, a tablet, or your laptop or desktop computer.

Here once again are some before and after examples:

How the site looked on a mobile before we re-designed it.....


How the site looked on a mobile AFTER we re-designed it.....

How the site looked on a mobile AFTER we re-designed it.....

On a wider tablet device.

What do you think of all the re-design work we did for this project?

Do you like it?

Let us know in the comments below!